3 in 1 shockwave therapy tecar ems physiotherapy machine for cellulite treatment pain relief body slimming

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3 in 1 physiotherapy equipment.

1. Electromagnetic Shock wave therapy for pain relief

2. Smart Tecar wave, Capacitive And Resistive Energy Transfer.

3. EMS therapy(Electric Muscle Stimulation).

Advantages of 3 in 1 shockwave therapy smart tecar wave ems machine.

1. 3-IN-1, combination of tecar therapy, EMS therapy and shockwave therapy. One equipment can provide diverse protocols for your customer.

2. 7 head tips for shockwave therapy.

3. 10.4 inch touch screen.

4. Preset parameters, easier to operate.

5. Only consumable inside the handle is the bullet, which can endure over 2 million impacts.

6. Reusable sponges of EMS therapy and we will send you 14 sponges.

7. Direct sale from factory. Fast delivery and quick after-sale response.

Tecar Therapy
Tecar therapy is a part of Endogenous Thermotherapy, which is based on the principle of capacitive and resistive energy transfer (Capacitive-Resistive Diathermy). It has an effect within the biological tissues, activating the body’s natural repairing and anti-inflammatory processes from within.

Tecar therapy functions
1. Bruises and sprains
2. Post-surgery rehabilitation
3. Sports traumas
4. Muscle and tendon disorders
5. Neuropathies    
6. Scar tissue
7. Spine and peripheral joint disorders
8. Vascular and lymphatic system disorders
9. Orthopaedic disorders of the peripheral nervous system
10. Pelvic floor rehabilitation
11. Acute and chronic pain

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is an acoustic wave which carries high energy to painful spots and skeletal tissues with subacute, sub chronic and chronic conditions. The energy promotes regeneration and reparative processes of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues.

Digital handle
1. Energy and frequency adjustment available when operating
2. Display real temperature and total impact numbers
3. 7 head tip available
4. Only one consumable is the bullet inside the handle and it can endure over 2 million impacts.
We will send you two bullets.
5. Do not need to work with pedal switch, free your foot

Shockwave Functions
1. Sports injuries
2. Tennis elbow
3. Tendonitis
4. Plantar fasciitis
5. Frozen shoulder
6. Achilles tendonitis
7. Ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist injuries
8. Erectile dysfunction

EMS Therapy
EMS (electric muscle stimulation) is a tool that physical therapists use to help people recover from surgery or rehabilitate injuries, Typically, EMS is used in situations where a person has muscular inhibition and weakness, due to pain, swelling, and immobilization. For example, after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee surgery, people tend to have weakened quads. EMS can "involuntarily activate" or wake up the quads, so that people don't totally lose their muscle mass or function.

EMS Functions
1. Muscle strengthening 
2. Muscle rehabilitation
3. Relief from muscle cramps 
4. Improving athletic performance
5. Accelerated recovery from injury
6. Retraining muscles

Products Description
Product Name: 3 in 1 Shockwave Therapy Machine, EMS Therapy Machine, Tecar Therapy Machine
Tecar RF Frequency: 300-450KHz
Tecar head sizes: 20/40/60mm
Shock Wave Frequency: 1-18Hz
Shock Wave Energy: 5-200Mj
EMS Frequency: 1-30Hz
EMS Energy: 1-20
Voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
Power: 300W
Screen: 10.4 inch touch screen
Packaging Size: 52*51*46cm
Package: Alu Box+ Paper Box
Gross Weight: 30Kg
Electromagnetic Shock Wave CET RET Radiofrequency Diathermy Therapy Electric Muscle Stimulation
Feature:Tecar Physical Therapy, Body Massage, Face Lift, Weight Loss
Function: Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Pain Relief
After-sales Service: Video technical support, Online support
Warranty: 1 year for host machine, 6 months for spare parts
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